I am a freelance documentary photographer with a special focus on social issues affecting the lives of urban poor and marginalized people. Since 1988 I have documented major emergencies in over 70 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Bahamas, Haita, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Sudan, and Uganda.

I have taught courses on documentary photography in James P. Grant/BRAC University and Indus Valley School of Arts, set up picture libraries and edited images for many humanitarian organizations across the world, lectured at universities, community schools and photography clubs in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North America. 


UNICEF, UNFPA, UNAIDS, WHO, WFP, the Harvard University, the Johns Hopkins University, Aga Khan University, Aurum Institute, TB Reach, the World Bank, Amnesty International, Operation Life LineSudan, Aga Khan Foundation, Safe the Children and JSI.


GeoMagazine, Newsweek, New York Times, Le Monde, Marie Claire, Independent (UK),New Internationalist, The Guardian, International Herald Tribune, BritishJournal of Photography, BBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC), and Internazionale(Italy).


  -           Mother Jones International Award for Documentary Photography, 2000

            National Geography - All Roads Photography Program, 2005 - Honorable Mention

           UNICEF Photographer of the Year 2006 - 2nd Place.

  -           Selected for Moving Wall 15, by the Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation, 2008

Bookswith significant photographic contributions:

  -          What Matters, Sterling Publishing, David Elliot Cohen, 2008

  -          Tales from a Globalizing World, Thames and Hudson, London, 2003

  -          The Fallen Angels, Roli Book, 2000

  -          Glimpses of Working Children in Bangladesh, 1997

  -          In Harm’s Way: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, UNICEF-1996

  -          Childhood Betrayed: Child Prostitution in South Asia, UNICEF-ROSA 1995

MajorAssignments & Personal Work

  -          Recovering from the Catastrophe, the Hurricane Dorian, The Bahamas 2019

  -          Exodus of the new wave of Rohingya Refugees, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh 2018

  -          Tuberculosis– the Forgotten Disease, Pakistan, South Africa and Swaziland, 2015

  -           Poverty of Riches – Story on poverty and homelessness in Canada, 2014-2015

  -           Victims of Institutional HIV (UNICEF), Central Asia, 2014

  -           No Lost Generation (Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Syria),2013-2014

  -           After the Earthquake, Haiti, 2010

  -           River Bleeds Black (Industrial pollution of the Buriganga river in Dhaka) 2007-2008

  -          Wasted Lives – Heroin addiction in Pakistan. 2007

  -          Unmatched Resilience – Cyclone Sidr and it’s affects in Bangladesh. 2007

  -          The Children of Black Dust (recycling batteries, Dhaka), Bangladesh. 1999-2007

  -          The Daughters of Darkness (lives of sex workers in South Asia) 1989-2003

  -          The Wheels of Life (Focusing on the rickshaws of Calcutta), India.1999-2001

  -          Child Prostitution and Children of Payatas Dumpsite in Philippines. 1996

  -          From Entertainers to Sex Peddlers- the Bedi Community of Nepal. 1994

  -          Dying with dignity (HIV/AIDS). Thailand (Personal Project–1997)

  -          The AIDS Orphans of Zambia, Africa (for UNICEF-1996)

          The Emerging Viruses - HIV/AIDS in Bombay. India (forCNN-1996)

  -          Tsunami, Sri Lanka, 2004-2005

  -          Before and After the War, Iraq. 2003

  -          Post Taliban Afghanistan, 2001-2002

  -          The exodus of Burmese Rohingya refugees, Bangladesh.1992

  -          The Unnamed Super Cyclone of Bay of Bengal, 1991 (UNICEF)


  -        Healing Lives, Centre for Global Health, Harvard Medical School, Dubai. 2017

  -        Life - Challenges & Hope, the Harvard Medical School, Dubai. 2016

  -        Championing the Underdog – Justice in Focus, Geneva, Switzerland, 2015

  -        River Bleeds Black,Moving Walls 15, Open Society Institute, New York, 2008-2009

  -        Daughters of Darkness (Chobi Mela –Boundaries, Dhaka 2006)

  -        Tales from a Globalizing World (Exhibited in Austria, Belgium, Egypt, France, Italy       

             Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, & USA)

  -        Children of Darfur, UN Headquarters, New York, USA 2005

  -        Daughters of Darkness, San Francisco.USA. 2000

  -        The Lives of People (HIV/AIDS), the John Hopkins University, USA, 1998

  -        Preventing the Tragedy of Maternal Death,Dhaka, 1997

  -        Sexual Exploitation of Children, Stockholm, 1996

  -        Images of An Exodus, on the lives of the Burmese Rohingya Refugees, Dhaka, 1992   

  -        After the Storm, Dhaka, 1991 (Group exhibition organized by Drik)

  -        Flood of 1988, Dhaka, 1989 (Group exhibition organized by Drik)


+1 416 859 4210 

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